A downloadable game for Windows

~Mental Disorders have no Mercy

~Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, and Psychosis

~1336 x 768 Screen or Bigger
~700 MB Ram
~110 MB Storage (This will most likely change)

2060 has been a bad year for you barely any money what so ever you see on the news that the city is hiring for an old building that has been around since 1995 it's been abandoned since 2005 over 55 years ago the news says that they will pay you 10$ an hour for 5 nights and if you want some overtime you quickly call the news and get invited to an interview with the Mayor and get the job you arrive at the building for your first night it's destroyed holes in the walls things vandalized things stolen it's a mess you walk towards the glass doors and open them you hear a voice in your head "Welcome to Hell"

This Game is Complete I will only be fixing bugs from here on out oh yeah and finishing Chuck Mode

Gameplay 100% (Complete)
AI 100% (Complete)
Saving 100% (Complete)
Models 100% (Complete)


Dismantled.exe 109 MB